Our mission is making the best pet food on planet earth.


When my dog Sparky the Pomeranian died at age 10, I was devastated, then I met a lady who told me that her Pomeranian Is 17 years old, she told the secret was cooking for her dog after a holistic Vet. Gave her a recipe to include vitamins and supplements. At that moment Healthy Pet Kitchen was seeded.

A healthy pet food recipe starts with a good nutrition, all our recipes are 100% Natural, made with USDA human grade ingredients, the poultry is Free Range, our meats are Grass Fed, the produce is locally sourced, everything is balanced perfectly with supplements and oils.

Here at Healthy Pet Kitchen, we cook our own fresh daily dog food and cat food, bake our own cookies and treats.
Most Veterinarians will tell you that 70% or more of the problems with dogs and cats comes from food, We make the best pet food on the planet earth, here is why?:

* 100% USDA Ingredients, All Natural

* No Additives, No Preservatives, No Hormones

* Fewer Allergies

* Cleaner Teeth, No Kibble Brown Color

* Human Grade Meats & Produce

* Gently Cooked

* Shiny Coats, Less Shedding

* Meets or Exceeds AAFCO & NRC Requirements

* Recipes Formulated by DR. Susan Lauten, PHD., DVM.

*Licensed By CA Dept. of Health License # 78647

***Best of all, a healthy pet means, Less trips to the vets.***

Sold only at premier independently own pet stores.